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Communicating with the Elderly

Health-care workers may find their interaction with elderly clients undermined by the sensory and physical limitations that accompany the aging process. This program offers insights into the clients' point of view and gives tips workers can use to better communicate with and provide a comfortable atmosphere for their elderly clients. From the Training Programs for Health-Care Workers series. Produced by the Penn State Coordinating Council for Continuing Education in Health Care.

The Adult Years: Continuity and Change -- Life Work

This series explores the process of aging as a complex mixture of continuity and change rather than as a series of predictable steps or stages, and is designed to introduce concepts in adult development from the perspective of psychology, sociology, biology, and history. The first program discusses the "new work ethic" and its consequences for individuals and society, focusing on the roles of work, job satisfaction, and prosperity in adult life. Produced by the International University Consortium and Ohio University.

The Adult Years: Continuity and Change -- Love and Marriage

Introduces "six integral elements of love" and demonstrates how these elements change as individuals move through stages of life.

The Adult Years: Continuity and Change -- The Fountain of Youth

Ponders the riddle of death, focusing on major theories about biological aging, current research on aging, and ethical implications of this research.

Creating Health Part 1: Osteoporosis and Bone Health

Part 1: Osteoporosis and Bone Health This half hour broadcast provides an overview of osteoporosis and explores profiles of three people with the disease. The program offers practical information about nutrition and diet, exercise and risk assessment to provide an understanding of osteoporosis and a discussion of prevention options. Produced by Craig Kauffman. Creating Health is a public service initiative developed by Penn State Public Broadcasting in partnership with Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences and Cooperative Extension, College of Health and Human Development, College of Medicine/Hershey Medical Center, and Outreach Office of Marketing Research. c 2001 the Pennsylvania State University. See Price Does Not Include Classroom/Instructional Performance Rights. Please contact Media Sales if you need Classroom/Instructional Performance Rights

January: A Portrait of Arta Channel

Arta Channel welcomed this taping, done during the month of January, as a way to tell others what it is like to be a senior citizen. Arta is sixty-five, lives in downtown Detroit, and is concerned that the Social Security money she receives won't be enough to provide for her during the remaining years of her life. The program shows her as a neighborhood activist, leading a group in a fight to improve the safety of the community and helping others in a variety of ways. Produced by Robert Steele.


Flexercise is a dance/exercise program set to music that was developed for use with older adults residing in long-term care facilities, although it also can be used with any individuals with limited flexibility and mobility. This videotape is intended for use as a training tool for leaders of the exercise program. Instruction guide included. Produced by Judith A. Sorg for Penn State Television / WPSX-TV.

March:A Portrait of Eleanor Anderson

Profile of Eleanor Anderson, a keen ninety-two-year-old nursing-home resident, who maintains a sense of well-being in spite of her loss of independence by evincing a practical and optimistic outlook. In this program, taped during the month of March, she cites several reasons for her ability to transcend institutionalization: interacting regularly with others, sustaining a high level of activity, and exercising both her body and her mind. Produced by Robert Steele.

The Adult Years: Continuity and Change -- My Mother, My Daughter, My Self

Compares expectations, perceptions, and attitudes about values and family roles as they differ among generations, ethnic groups, and communities.

The Adult Years: Continuity and Change -- Rites of Renewal

Deals with the universal need for rites of passage to mark important transitions in adult lives, comparing traditional and contemporary rituals.

The Adult Years: Continuity and Change -- The Moving Experience

Describes geographic movement as an example of important, inevitable transitions to which adults must react and adjust.

The Adult Years: Continuity and Change -- The Refracted Image

Examines the role of the visual arts in conveying images of adulthood throughout history, from Greek to modern times.

Retirement: A New Life, A Different Life

L36606VH , 1990. Many considerations go into retirement planning. In this video, pre-retirees and recent retirees talk about their plans, concerns, and satisfactions. The experiences of these adults will help viewers understand what is involved in planning a retirement that suits their needs.


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